William Samuel speaking about Love

William Samuel was a non-dual teacher/mystic/writer/poet out of the deep south in Alabama. He saw combat in not one, but two gruesome wars in the 20th century. His stories remind us of a literal living Arjuna with his teacher Krishna who had satsang on the battlefield. Although he never named the Indian teacher he spent 2 weeks with during his lifetime, it is also quite probable he was one of the first Westerners to sit in Silence with Ramana Maharshi. Perhaps this was part of what opened him so fully.

William passed away in 1996.  For more details and to enjoy his expression of the Truth, I recommend his books, audios on YouTube, as well as an informative, enjoyable interview with his Literary Executor, Sandy Jones, on Buddha at the Gas Pump.

Here is one of his many audios he created as cassette tapes (remember those?) for his friends.  In his authentic down-home way, he helped others move beyond their questions, doubts, and problems into a direct experience of that Sweet Truth. Surely, his words were largely just a vehicle for the tremendous Love Energy that he embodied. He might have been telling us about the birds singing or the breeze blowing, and he often did and does below.

You might almost feel him wrap his arms around you in child-like encouragement and joy as you listen.  And if you do feel him, you can bet he really is!


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