Trail Blazers & One Power: A Letter

Our healing is for the whole world, because the world is our Self. Many people are going through so much heavy darkness right now, but the hidden movement of us trail blazers -- we who go through it Knowingly as an Awakening process -- are assisting the clearing of the illusion instead of its perpetuating, which helps the whole.  This "householder" had a big dose recently.  

Truth will not spare the illusion...It will do anything to wake us up, and when we come to sanity, we always see the "hell" was created by the mind. The medicine sent is exposing it so it can dissipate in Awareness like mist in the morning sun.  It is a mistake that can slow things down and leave us spinning in unproductive cul-de-sacs of guilt, however, if we make it personal. As in "why is my mind creating this awful world/sickness/problem?!  After 20 years on the path?  I  am a failure!" 

We feel as though it is "my" mind and "my" life, however, there is no person. We are the Self viewing from an aspect and clearing layers assigned to us that have collected for eons.

Those of us knowingly using the world for this purpose will always have what we need to turbo charge the process (i.e. the Miracle) and reduce or eliminate pain and suffering. This includes friends who are really "mighty companions" as The Course in Miracles says who Know.  Whether just in form or not, there are always those who will join with us, at our invitation, to remember the Truth while we temporarily let 'r rip.  

Awakening is essentially a destructive process (from the individual self's point of view), and therefore often messy. (aka "healing is not for sissies.")  We can remember that no matter what "problem" faces us, everything is unfolding as it should and All is Well.  All is Well, because there is only One Power.  As we heal, we are the trail blazers for those around us. Just our Presence is often all that is needed, and certainly it is all that ever heals or "teaches."   

I wanted to share the letter I wrote (names have been removed) that shares a bit more on how all these lessons were reinforced in me.

* * * 
Dear D and M....

I don't think I can write all there is to share with you, and what a happy gift it is to know there's no need...I will be seeing you soon. The need was filled before it was even identified...Sweet Amazing Grace.

In short -- the last 48 hours have been miraculous. They included both conversation with D on the phone, then a miraculous email from MS.  It was 2:30 am my time and after 5 hours of enduring something being "exhumed" from my body (felt as burning and dry heaving) mind and soul, I finally got on my knees and asked for Help.  Within 2 minutes, an angel named M sent me a heart-filled email of support (out of "nowhere") and an invitation to join.  Immediately, the relief began....and I poured out a few words about the "hell" that seemed to be stuck in me.  After sharing that with her, the rest dissipated entirely.  As I was drifting off to sleep -- melting into it, was like something in my DNA had been exorcised and I felt my body like Light -- I heard the lesson that was underlying ALL the others:  There is only One Power.

This feels like the lynch pin that has been waiting to be revealed/accepted, because touching on that one has started the collapsing of all the other grievances, fears, body thoughts/identification, and "problems."  Issues that I have worked hard to fully forgive for years have completely shifted and the pain  in each has been replaced with new appreciation and understanding for what is really happening.  Some of it has been so spontaneous --- no thought, then suddenly a great "aha!" about an issue I hadn't thought about in ages.  

It's like a massive clean up happening.

And to close the circle, I just got a beautiful, miraculous follow up from M responding to my "morning after thoughts" where I thanked her again and shared what had happened.  Incredibly One Power has been her intention/lesson that she's been focusing on putting into practice.  She also shared that seeing the lesson witnessed through me became a helpful re-enforcer for her yesterday dealing with a dear friend and colleague who experienced a life/death situation within the last 24 hours.  And of course this just re-enforces the Lesson here in me yet again...

It's like a momentum is building in Consciousness that cannot and will not be stopped.  The One Power is being revealed and in that the dream will fade.

Eight years ago I had many weird things start happening as my own awakening kicked fully into gear.  The channeling of a group who go by "the Brothers" was one chapter, and during the spontaneous first session we were told we were "trail blazers."  Two days later I got an email from someone about a painting I'd bought a year earlier that was never shipped to me.  Somehow I had forgotten about it completely even though it was $125 or something...when she sent it to me, the title was "Blazing a trail."  I was being cooked for sure, because this was all too outside what my mind could handle.  (I have attached a picture of it -- a girl walking through the dark, towards the pure Light of Oneness...letting all the symbols go behind her.)  Later, I saw <teacher> speak for the first time, and he started saying things the Brothers had said verbatim (and they always spoke in a unique way).  "Reality" became very disorienting, but I started to say yes to the free fall...and the rest is history.

I'm sharing this with you both because, at the risk of seeming to support or encourage belief in the "world drama" which ego loves, I do think there is something changing right now or speeding up.  You two are also part of my "trail blazer" tribe, of course.  I just join you in the joy of being knowingly who we are.

"Hell" is a great motivator and perhaps many will be experiencing even more suffering. We mothers know, there's a point during childbirth where we want to do anything to escape the pain (if we are not in full Trust that all is well), and yet beyond a certain point, there's nothing that can be done but let go. Maybe collectively we are moving into something like this...and who knows what appearances may turn up....

But the eye of the hurricane is a safe place and always available when we're clear about One Power behind all appearances...and that All is Well.

So I don't pretend to know what is happening "out there' in the world.  I just feel the Call to join and to be Knowingly our One Power.  Believing we are separate is just a bad habit we can kick...our Presence as "householders" in the world of families and jobs, etc. is even more challenging than living as monks but we are in our Right Place for what is required.

As far as the story of Laura and T, everything seen here in me was also felt "there" in him, and he had a huge release, as well.  Some was conscious and a lot was more deep, but as we talk and tease things out, there's even more change and Lightness coming through in him that looks like youth and his endearing natural state of humor. We met last night but the miracle had already done its work in us both, and while there was lots of sharing, there were no real problems to sort.  In fact, we burst out laughing when we first saw each other.  We sat near a St. Francis statue at Saint Mary's (ha!) and then split a hamburger.  By the end of the meal, it was clear we should move swiftly to get him out of -- of all places -- the Circus Circus.  (double Ha!) Circus, indeed!!  We walked with new eyes through the symbols around us:  scary clown pictures, casino gambling machines, stale cigarette smoke filled air, wild mesmerizing carpets that were grungy if you looked close, and lots of sleep walkers.  

Then we looked up and there was a huge genie staring at us with a sign that said "Choose Wisely!"

HAHAHAHA  Roger, that!

Thank you, bless you, and know we both have deep love for you all -- R and Mr. A included....


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