Lean In....

What is upsetting you?  What is it that is not going "your" way?  What is disappointing you, threatening you, scaring you, angering you, boring you?

I can only write to my Self.  So, Self, let's look tenderly here.

If I want to find sore spots in this one, places "I" am holding a judgement for or against, it's not hard.  I can think about a conversation with a family member.  Or I can simply scan the Daily News headlines.  "That's outrageous! So cruel! How unfair! What are they thinking?!"...etc.

Okay, good...so there it is...the little or not-so-little upset. The "I" is asserting itself...it is the hero (tragic or otherwise) in its own endless story.

For a moment, do not react. As the Course in Miracles says, "Let all things be exactly as they are."

Reaction comes from conditioning.  It's the software program of the ego. It's the madness expressing and it always leads to more madness. We think, therefore we are somebodies. Somebodies must take a position on the "out there" in order to maintain an illusory constancy of separate existence.  I exist -- different from That, different from you -- because I judge.

Instead, just for a moment, be Still.  Do nothing.  Watch.  And next...lean in.

Lean in?  Yes, get closer.  Quietly, the Heart comes forward...it has questions that the ego can not answer.

What is this all about? What meaning have I given this?  Where, in fact, is all of this occurring?  What is the big story that this situation only thinly veils? Is it true? Can I be absolutely sure it's true? Is the opposite as true?

I am always experiencing my own consciousness. That's where it all happens.  I am upset, therefore, about a story I am telling myself.  The story is always somehow at some level about me.  But it is all made up by mind.  It is just thoughts, and when you/I sleep, we forget them and they are gone.  It only has the validity we give it every moment.  The Course reminds us it is actually exhausting to have to reinforce these beliefs every day!   It is the "I" thought that is mixed with these beliefs.  They reinforce each other. The experiencer is hit with so-called evidence continually throughout the day that they -- and it --- are true.

 This story, Reader, is our favorite book we read for eons.  Until it's not.  Until we see all we've ever been is Awareness.  Non-judging Awareness.  Self.  Consciousness.  The rest was unstable arbitrary content and positions for/against said arbitrary content.

Working towards awakening implies the false self is real...which is why egos love spiritual journeys. There is no struggle in this...just let us be honest in our Looking.    We don't have to get to where and what we already Are.  That's what Ramana was telling us and still is.  

Lean in and laugh at the silliness...be free now! :)


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