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Trail Blazers & One Power: A Letter

Our healing is for the whole world, because the world is our Self. Many people are going through so much heavy darkness right now, but the hidden movement of us trail blazers -- we who go through it Knowingly as an Awakening process -- are assisting the clearing of the illusion instead of its perpetuating, which helps the whole.  This "householder" had a big dose recently.  

Truth will not spare the illusion...It will do anything to wake us up, and when we come to sanity, we always see the "hell" was created by the mind. The medicine sent is exposing it so it can dissipate in Awareness like mist in the morning sun.  It is a mistake that can slow things down and leave us spinning in unproductive cul-de-sacs of guilt, however, if we make it personal. As in "why is my mind creating this awful world/sickness/problem?!  After 20 years on the path?  I  am a failure!" 

We feel as though it is "my" mind and "my" life, however, there is no person…

Where is my wanting?

The masters tell us again and again that the Truth is so easy we miss it.  We miss who We Already Are, because we are wanting what we are not.

Today, can I be the reversal? Instead of sending my wanting out, can I gently look inward to see where my wanting is and call it Home?  Just the honest looking inward and seeing without judgment (True Forgiveness) is all that is needed.

Desire is splintered into fragments of wanting which play out in situations and relationships in our worlds. Beneath the obvious situation at hand, there are core desires: wanting approval/admiration from ourselves and others; wanting control of myself, my environment, and others; wanting my security, both emotionally and physically; and wanting a separate special status.

As we live our lives and find ourselves reacting or judging or feeling depressed or "off" in some way, we can pause and just welcome these feelings.  If we're sad or frustrated or angry etc., we can ask ourselves -- what is it th…

Lester Levenson - The Freedom State

This morning, I'm struck with a great gratitude at how blessed we are that in this age we have so much access, via online media, to so many different messages -- and messengers -- that have been pointing us towards the Truth within. Those of us on the Path are never without inspiration and guidance.  When we cannot hear the Voice within, we can type a few keystrokes into Google and get ready access to many masters whose lives were used to extend the Truth.

I have found Lester Levenson to be an amazingly clear channel.  An engineer in New Jersey, Lester was sent home to die by his doctor in 1952 after a massive coronary. His misery led to a sudden single-mindedness in his search within for Truth, and in a very short time, he awakened to the true Self. His awakening led him to dedicate his life to serving others, and in his messages you can hear the same messages you'll find in A Course in Miracles and Advaita....the deepest non-dual principles are expressed in a very clear, sim…

Lean In....

What is upsetting you?  What is it that is not going "your" way?  What is disappointing you, threatening you, scaring you, angering you, boring you?

I can only write to my Self.  So, Self, let's look tenderly here.

If I want to find sore spots in this one, places "I" am holding a judgement for or against, it's not hard.  I can think about a conversation with a family member.  Or I can simply scan the Daily News headlines.  "That's outrageous! So cruel! How unfair! What are they thinking?!"...etc.

Okay, there it is...the little or not-so-little upset. The "I" is asserting is the hero (tragic or otherwise) in its own endless story.

For a moment, do not react. As the Course in Miracles says, "Let all things be exactly as they are."

Reaction comes from conditioning.  It's the software program of the ego. It's the madness expressing and it always leads to more madness. We think, therefore we are so…

William Samuel - The Mirror of Self

Excerpt from William Samuel's book The Awareness of Self-Discovery:

"Every teacher, book, writer, practitioner, sage, guru or peanut vendor, by whatever name, title or label he goes, is an aspect of the Awareness (Identity) 'we' are. We take the book from the shelf most likely to render a specific service at a given moment. Exactly so, we have appeared to go to the philosophy, teacher, church, friend, stranger or peanut vendor that has unfolded as sufficient for the moment— but that philosophy, teacher, church, friend or stranger is within the awareness we are. So is the peanut vendor. We are forever looking at our Self.

"Now, listen softly: Just as one goes to the cleanest mirror in the house, the one that is the least distorted and best illuminated, so we turn to that aspect of the SELF that tells it to us 'like it is,' without mental reservation, without the absence of Light, and for absolutely certain, without making something of ITSELF by belittling…

Chief Joseph's words on The Way of the Warrior and the Great Illusion

THE  Way of the Warrior is simple, my dear ones. However, it may be simple but it's not always easy. Today I would like to give you a few of my simple guidelines or "rules of the road", if you will. And that road is the Way of the Warrior.

The Warrior always speaks her truth – no matter what the circumstances.

The Warrior is totally detached from what others think and say about her. [This is absolutely necessary if she's going to observe the first rule above.]
The Warrior always does her best to see the Divinity in all that is. In this way, she shall never have any desire to own, control, manipulate, misuse or abuse any of the Great Spirit's creatures.

The Warrior always follows the highest path as dictated by the highest authority in the universe – herself.

The Warrior totally trusts in – and surrenders to – the flow of her life. She knows all is as it should be. Therefore, she must always completely trust in – and surrender to – her higher Self, her Soul, the …

William Samuel speaking about Love

William Samuel was a non-dual teacher/mystic/writer/poet out of the deep south in Alabama. He saw combat in not one, but two gruesome wars in the 20th century. His stories remind us of a literal living Arjuna with his teacher Krishna who had satsang on the battlefield. Although he never named the Indian teacher he spent 2 weeks with during his lifetime, it is also quite probable he was one of the first Westerners to sit in Silence with Ramana Maharshi. Perhaps this was part of what opened him so fully.

William passed away in 1996.  For more details and to enjoy his expression of the Truth, I recommend his books, audios on YouTube, as well as an informative, enjoyable interview with his Literary Executor, Sandy Jones, on Buddha at the Gas Pump.

Here is one of his many audios he created as cassette tapes (remember those?) for his friends.  In his authentic down-home way, he helped others move beyond their questions, doubts, and problems into a direct experience of that Sweet Truth. Sure…

On Waking Up is back: A New Beginning

I started sharing ideas at On Waking Up in 2010, almost 7 years ago now. Prior to that I'd studied A Course in Miracles for many years, listened to many hours of Ken Wapnick lecture on the topic, and had my own study group for a short while.  In 2009, I  experienced a great deal of upheaval in my life as old structures began coming down - work, marriage, family.  I also began spontaneously "channeling" very specific lessons for myself  via a group who go by The Brothers, which triggered a huge amount of fear and self-loathing in me, but also brought a lot of deep wisdom into my conscious awareness.

By 2010, writing became a new form through which the teachings could reach me. I was applying the teachings of True Forgiveness from ACIM (which were being enhanced by the teachings I was receiving from The Brothers) as well as I could, and I felt compelled to write my day-to-day experiences and understandings down.  I felt a deep part of my mind could open to new depths in t…