One Mighty Love -- Without Opposition or Ending

A warmth envelops me as I bask in the Seeing of it.  The Glory of Heaven is here now.

I want to laugh -- how could it be otherwise? Really?!
How could God/Love have created something "not Love?"  If God did not create anything in opposition to Love, how could the ego (i.e. the new "devil") have any reality?  How could something with no reality whatsoever have any effect on the Real? 

And then....since this road Home to God feels "personal".....Who am I? The fiction or the Reality?

I Am is a mystery, and yet I Am.  That's What Is.  That's Reality. 

I can believe in the false, and then it must play it all out.  This is because the Mind of God -- who I Am -- is all powerful.  I Am experiencing the product of my beliefs. Period.
But It can stop.

Just a tiny little software program stands between the Son of God and all of heaven.  A tiny little scrap of code creates a facsimile experience of "life" to the One who believes it. This faux "life" must be full of victims and victimizers, for it is a product of its coding. A few tired old ideas loop around and around in this program, embellishing the illusion to the One who has not yet tired of it.

In Truth You and I are a Mighty One Love without an opposition or an ending. Yet when it is not seen as ridiculous, the tiny thought I could be something else gets immediately reinforced by the corresponding thought -- "I am unworthy." From there, all duality springs -- separateness, all shades of otherness,  higher vs. lower, big vs. small, and the zillions of dual concepts and categories that the world seems to contain.

We play out our unworthiness over a seeming life and lifetimes. Over and over and over.....

And there you have it.  "The world" and every situation that seems to cause contraction is based on a mind-boggling statement:  "I am not my Self..."   Every so-called "problem" is a matrix-like simulation.  As A Course in Miracles says, "an outward projection of an inward condition."

Some Grace has arisen here.  Some Grace that in this moment appears like intolerance for this matrix-level software program (a few lines of code that are not impressive in the least when seen for what they are) has just spontaneously appeared and swallowed much of "me" in its wake.  Perhaps not unlike the proverbial Second Coming, my Life in this moment -- which is all there is -- is powered by Gratitude.  My once solid Heart has turned into mist.

I see that the primitive software driving my/our matrix only influences in while it is allowed to hide -- it shows up as our split personalities that do not seem to relate or communicate to the other "selves" within us.  One personality takes a stand in faith, then another personality waits for the "other shoe to drop."  Fear is toyed with -- respected and studied, but never just dropped.  This fixation/attraction/craving for fear (i.e. nothingness) shows up as endless problems and anxieties and addictions and suffering and sickness, etc. 

But there is nothing really happening.  The screen is simply being a faithful servant as it must be.  The projector is playing out an old, worn out sequence of false beliefs.  Everyone I seem to see must be my enemy because "unworthiness" MUST be played out while held on to...because I Am of God.

And here's the best news: It is all just a bad, tired habit.  The Delete key is always here and easy to press when we are ready.  My "way" now seems clear -- enough seeing has occurred, and now it is just a matter of refusing any temptation to tap off Love.  I no longer feel so much that I can choose Love -- I can only choose to forget the Love that I Am.  And I find no more reason to do that.   

Let the energies that were once labeled as old enemies to be fixed, healed, or pushed down -- Rage, Jealousy, Fear, Grief, etc. -- come!  I invite you closer, and I bow to your feet.  Without a story, we finally meet and your energy -- which seemed to possess me once --  is returned to the One Love I Am.  You are just aspects that want to be Enlightened, too.

And let the friends be witnesses to this One Love.  When they seem to look like something else, and when there is a charge within me, let me thank my Savior for bringing forth any residual shadows of the thought "I Am something not of God" and all its ensuing thoughts.  With Gentleness, I meet my own Call for Worthiness, for Love.  

Let me remember only and always that One Love is all there is. 

My "job" henceforth is to allow Love to Be... to Be Love only... to hold no opinions, categories, future goals, spiritual concepts, positions, strategies, or fears, but to let them pass through as they do and remain as God Created Me. 

 And so a new Road Home to God tour begins, and I am deeply humbled and blessed.


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