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One Mighty Love -- Without Opposition or Ending

A warmth envelops me as I bask in the Seeing of it.  The Glory of Heaven is here now.

I want to laugh -- how could it be otherwise? Really?! How could God/Love have created something "not Love?"  If God did not create anything in opposition to Love, how could the ego (i.e. the new "devil") have any reality?  How could something with no reality whatsoever have any effect on the Real? 
And then....since this road Home to God feels "personal".....Who am I? The fiction or the Reality?

I Am is a mystery, and yet I Am.  That's What Is.  That's Reality. 

I can believe in the false, and then it must play it all out.  This is because the Mind of God -- who I Am -- is all powerful.  I Am experiencing the product of my beliefs. Period. But It can stop.

Just a tiny little software program stands between the Son of God and all of heaven.  A tiny little scrap of code creates a facsimile experience of "life" to the One who believes it. This faux "…