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There is no way to Love, for Love is the Way

As the dream unfolds, some corner has been rounded.  I see this has been underway for sometime now... after all, God's promise is a promise kept.

A current of constant Life seems to flow now. Viscerally, I experience it.  While I have been taught the body is unreal, it is still my symbol, and now it's used to bring me closer to the Causeless Joy that is our Inheritance.  Everything hums within me, and while it modulates throughout the day, there are times that I feel I may implode in its intensity.  Then there are times, often during a joining with a Friend, where the Life within me goes very Deep and Still and Intense and out may come words or a song, but the flood that carries these symbols could carve the Grand Canyon.

Everything has become involuntary, and I am left in Gratitude and Awe and Joy.

And the "outer" has naturally shifted accordingly.  What used to feel solid now has a perpetual surreal quality.  The trappings of a "normal" life -- jobs, hom…

The Fire of Grace

"The house is on fire...let it burn.  Just stay put."  Mooji

I'm calling for You, God. I know now You are with me, but in my wildest imaginings, I could never have known it would be like this.

You work me day and night.  Day and night there is burning, burning, burning until at times my very cells feel like red hot embers.

The time of seeming choice is over.  Heaven knows no delay and respects no worldly rules. I will to Shine, and since that is Your Will, the Universe of time and space are conspiring to make it so.  Disorientation sometimes occurs as linear rules cease to apply, but I only suffer until I remember (which is quickly now) to Let Go and enjoy the ride. 

As I go about the day, Your Voice speaks through all the people, places, and things I encounter.  It is Your Voice in my own head, too, that comes like morse code -- quickly, emphatically, concisely -- penetrating through whatever white noise may be droning lightly in the background.  You offer only Gifts: a…

A Promise Kept

Readers: After a long hiatus sharing words, it feels like time to begin again.  It's a new day, a new chapter, and a reborn mind.  Whereas before the words and ideas came to solace the suffering, now it feels like morning -- a time when everything is fresh with dew and radiant from the first rays of a new sun arising and dissipating the darkness.   Thank you, Jesus.

(Copied from a Facebook status I wrote this morning)

I just felt like sharing the miracle....

The night before last, something big began to rise out of the deep within me -- like the Lochness Monster stirring in deep waters. Seemingly for no reason at the dinner table, my reality began contorting into a familiar warp where all the mirrors start to reflect a huge frightening Doubt. Thoughts were flooding in to give voice to the doubt - "what if this tour ends and I'm stuck in a situation I hate?" "what am I doing here when I don't belong?" ....and countless others condemning me in a…