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The Divine is in my Mind

Reader, it's as though I have never practiced this Course. Today was the first day.  Those previous 20-something years were...well, an illusion. :)

Today, in this moment, now before I forget again, which I surely will... I practice this Course.  I am humble. I am taking slow and clumsy baby steps in learning A Course in Miracles, the Real One.  The Course that Jesus offers, and not the facsimiles I fascinated myself with in dreams. 

Starting from scratch, I remember there is no hierarchy of illusions, of which this character I believe myself to be is one.  Laura is in my mind. "The path" is not "out there" in some doing or not doing that she may be involved in.  Progress can not be judged based on anything Laura seems to do or not do, or what seems to happen around her.  The "stepping stones" she takes are in my Mind. The "problems" she faces are in my Mind.  The "relationships" she has are in my Mind.  All of &q…