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Love is in my refuge...

I feel the Path of Awakening is much like a birth: We may be blessed with many helpers (or "mighty companions" as A Course in Miracle's Manual for Teachers says), but it is a solo journey ultimately. 

Each has her own steps to take in her own time. Each has his own bridge of Forgiveness to build and then to cross.  Each has the decision to make -- am I willing to choose only Love? --  in the face of all the dark thoughts, images, and other temptations that we can count on plaguing us.  When we are sleepless at 3am and aching out of fear or guilt or anger, each of us must find our willingness to reach out to the Christ -- the Light within -- and ask for Help.  And each of us must do this over and over and over.

It seems the true mystics and saints -- even the ones that gained notoriety, and we can be sure many never did -- spent a lot of time alone.  Knowing there is no refuge in the world, they turned within.  That is where all the "juice" was.  That's whe…


Years ago, I wanted to know more about the Dalai Lama. I'd read a biography and was hooked. I loved his free spirit, his courage, his wisdom, his humor.  From popular quotes, I knew of his compassion. From pictures, where his contagious, unpretentious smile would grab my heart, I felt he was a friend.

I wanted to experience more of him, so I went in search of a video. This was before YouTube, before the day when any inspiration or whim can become an instant reality with only a few keystrokes. This was back in the days when we got dressed (or threw on our bathrobe) and drove to an actual store to browse the aisles for a clunky VHS that appeared to promise some kind of entertainment or edification. Main stream this idea of mine was not, so I went to an artsy, privately-owned video rental place in the U-District of Seattle. 

The only video I could find was one of the Dalai Lama addressing Tibetan monks at some kind of conference. I took it home eagerly. A huge crowd of devoted monk…