Miracles, Water-Skiing, and Dancing Our Way Out of the Rabbit Hole

I've been looking at the ego here, with you, for a couple years almost.

I've been looking at the ego in my mind -- with many teachers internally and seemingly external --  for 20+ years.

I can describe the ego (which does not even exist....I'm laughing now, but that's getting ahead of myself) in great detail....I can lecture for many hours on the subject.  I can identify its many disguises and tricks and strategies.  I can give you "best practices" for early detection, and then some proven methods for dis-arming it.  I can share many anecdotes from personal "war" stories to illustrate.  I can share my passion and conviction and hope that it will translate for you and become another reinforcement for your own motivation to look within.

In other words, I have a super-duper, triple, Plus-sized Ph.d. in Ego-ology.

(Is the irony ringing for you now like it is me?)

Let's go waaaay back and look at the title of this book again...the one on this course we've been taking.  It says, "A Course In Miracles."  That's no misnomer or editing oversight.  It says, "Miracles" not "ego." MIRACLES.  You know....fishes and loaves, water into wine, making the blind see.....the GOOD stuff.

There's even a name for when you live in the Miracle -- The Happy Dream.  The word Happy is not meant as a poetic metaphor.  It's LITERAL.  I kid you not.  This is GOOD news!

I'm belaboring a point here because I'm integrating a profound experience that I have been having for the last few weeks.  Something "clicked" as I say.  After a couple decades (lifetimes?) of studying what the Truth is NOT, I feel like I slid gently into a warm, flowing stream of Miracles. From this place, LOVE commands and I follow joyously, kicking my heels up in laughter all the way.

There's so much to share.

For now, let me just extend a few lessons I received consciously as something much deeper in my Mind was accepting the Holy Spirit as a single point of focus:

1) Go where you are Called/Invited.
The Holy Spirit lines up invitations and experiences in the script based on what It knows about you.  There are no accidents.  My willingness to follow the Call set the course for all the rest, of course...it is how I ended up having the time/space experiences that my Mind could accept that would lead to the Miracle.  Like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz....I had to plow through all kinds of resistance that would show up as "problems."  We all do that for however long (or short) we do it...until we stop judging.

2) Hold the Inspiration....drop the expectation.
I used to be inspired, but would throw the inspiration away WITH the expectation....like throwing the baby out with the bath water. I see how that was resistance to Love.  Living an Inspired life is all there is to do here. That's how we extend love.

3) Extend/Express the Love
Just to hammer this one home a bit more --Extending LOVE is not optional.  It's mandatory! I see now that a big part of me has long believed that ACIM was a private affair and that I could do it all "in my head."  This makes me laugh now...the world is in my mind....and I must dance my way out of the rabbit hole.  Where the ego had me dig in my heels and make everything an exercise in analyzing it, I see that my way forward now is by kicking up my heels and laughing...through the dream. 

I also see that I was a slow learner that focused on the intellectual aspects because, secretly, my goal was to keep private a guarded heart....and thus keep the Holy Spirit at a distance.

4) Let all my Yes's be Yes and my No's Be No...without concern for consequences.
The confusion I have felt so often in my life has been the repressing of an honest 'Yes' or 'No' due to a fear of consequences.  A lack of Trust in my Brothers leads to a fear for consequences.  I have been deeply in this practice -- discerning the Truth of how saying "no"  and "yes" when it is honest  and coming from a deep peaceful knowing is healing.  I can feel the difference now between when a Yes or a No is a protective mechanism for the ego (defending personal preferences/judgments) versus when it is guided and True.  When the latter, it is shown, over and over, how it reflects God's care for all of us.

5) Remember I know nothing -- Trust in this present moment is all I ever need. 
Resting in "I don't know" is a big one for me right now.  When we Trust in the Holy Spirit, there's a deep restful peace that nothing can disturb.  I have felt like I am at an "inner spa"....every cell of my body (and deeper than that) is letting go.  While there are a lot of pieces in my world that seem unsettled now, and I can feel my mind wander into the temptation of figuring things out occasionally....I've been so immersed in the Miracle that I can also feel my way back into the flow when I forget.  For that I am so grateful!

So here we are.  Yes, there was a "special" time/space that seemed to prompt this latest phase of "undoing."  I'll share more about that later probably.  But the details are less important...what is permanent is that I entered the Miracle stream, and I now understand what it feels like.  I felt like every piece of me was Accepted Just The Way It Is.  I felt Welcomed Home.  In this Embrace, I rested very deeply and stayed there for several days.  

It reminds me of an experience from many years ago.  Once I took 3 weeks of water skiing lessons (a boy was involved, and I did many unnatural-for-me things for certain boys back then...LOL).  On the very last day of lessons, I FINALLY got up on my skis. What exhilaration!  But then I had the thought, "WOW, I'm DOING it!"  And in allowing that thought to be a focus, I took myself  out of the NOW and into my intellect.  Down I plopped.  I had skied for 2 whole seconds.

During this last Miracle experience, I noticed thoughts come in from time to time trying to get me to assess what was happening.  But they felt like mere noise that I could turn down.  Like a gnat I could gently brush away and give no further thought.  In not believing the thought-noise, I stayed in the Miracle.  It was like water-skiing again, but this time being able to stay upright forever....

I am now back in seeming "ordinary" time/space.  And the temptations feel "stronger" now.  Yet I know it's all in my mind.  I haven't gone anywhere and nothing Real has ended.

And so the Miracle is Here Now Always -- for me and for you for we are One. 

We do need vigilance -- Vigilance only for the Kingdom -- but not seriousness. :) We are unwinding, undoing, crawling out of the Rabbit Hole....let's make this Journey without Distance with lots more laughter and singing and dancing!


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