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Miracles, Water-Skiing, and Dancing Our Way Out of the Rabbit Hole

I've been looking at the ego here, with you, for a couple years almost.

I've been looking at the ego in my mind -- with many teachers internally and seemingly external --  for 20+ years.

I can describe the ego (which does not even exist....I'm laughing now, but that's getting ahead of myself) in great detail....I can lecture for many hours on the subject.  I can identify its many disguises and tricks and strategies.  I can give you "best practices" for early detection, and then some proven methods for dis-arming it.  I can share many anecdotes from personal "war" stories to illustrate.  I can share my passion and conviction and hope that it will translate for you and become another reinforcement for your own motivation to look within.

In other words, I have a super-duper, triple, Plus-sized Ph.d. in Ego-ology.

(Is the irony ringing for you now like it is me?)

Let's go waaaay back and look at the title of this book again...the one on this cour…