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Taming the Monster vs. Letting Go of Specialness

I'm waking up to more ways my neediness shows up.  Neediness creates the attachment/irresistible draw to special relationships...whether they be people, situations, or things. Neediness says "You are not enough, oh pathetic personal self. Consume this other thing/person/substance/situation outside you -- in endless quantities -- to make up the difference.  But!  Don't forget to run like hell before they deliver the tab, 'cuz you'll never be able to afford it."

Neediness is a cruel thing to's cruel to yourself and to others.  Neediness engenders guilt and fear and pain and a sense of owing what can never be paid. These often get buried and translated into the self or someone else.

We all deal with neediness, and we shouldn't feel bad. But we should want to undo it because ultimately it hurts. Neediness, the special relationships that we cling to...this is what causes suffering.

I am seeing how in subtle ways I have still tried …