Shadow Figures Vs The Guru

Chapter 17, Forgiveness & The Holy Relationship, Section 3 Shadows of the Past -- 

"Be willing to forgive the Son of God for what he did not do. The shadow figures are the witnesses you bring with you to demonstrate he did what he did not. Because you bring them, you will hear them. And you who keep them by your own selection do not understand how they came into your mind, and what their purpose is. They represent the evil that you think was done to you. You bring them with you only that you may return evil for evil, hoping that their witness will enable you to think guiltily of another and not harm yourself. They speak so clearly for the separation that no one not obsessed with keeping separation could hear them. They offer you the "reasons" why you should enter into unholy alliances to support the ego's goals, and make your relationships the witness to its power."

One day not long ago, I was soaking my body in a hot tub and using the quiet to watch the churning waves of thought within my mind. A situation with another person and the messages I thought I was hearing from them served as my contemplative focus point.  Suddenly, I saw this whispy shadow figure leap out of the image of the person I was seeing in my mind and run home to me.  I saw the shadow figure as a "living" story I was sending out into the world.  The story was my own, having nothing to do with Truth.  The shadow figure/story returned to me in the moment that I wanted to see, because I was, in fact, its master ...its maker.  

I was also the one who overlaid it, implanted it, repeatedly, on to various people, situations, and circumstances.  Each version of the same story was there to convince me I was a separate "me" by obliterating my Mind as my reality and reinforcing my needs, my specialness, my past/future, the world.  

The next morning, we read the above passage about just that -- the shadow figures. Perfect timing, J. as usual. 

The Brothers once said, "Invite them in for dinner like they are your orphan've been neglecting them so they run around wreaking havoc in the streets."  They were speaking about the shadow figures/projections we send out into our world.  We forget we've done it and then we cry when our own thoughts reflect crazy back to us in some situation/person.

I've been focused on listening.  Really listening.  What are you saying, and then what am I hearing?   These can be miles apart!  When I can see the shadow figure, the story, the ego meme I'm hearing come out of your mouth, then I'm finding that the only one really truly here is The Guru.  

"Guru" is not the world that ACIM would use. It's my word.  Much of my life has been spent in pursuit of the guru in various ways and forms, regardless of what it may have appeared like in the world. The big joke that I'm seeing is that He/She has always been with me. 

The bigger joke is that The Guru is only ever in my mind.  

The Biggest Joke of all is that I have actively pushed the Guru away...kicked at him with my heels....I've run as fast as I could run from his omni-Presence.  Running away from your mind is a recipe for crazy.  And that about sizes up all pain and suffering in this experience.

So let me listen to you for once.  Really listen.  Let me hear from you what I hear, and then let me own it. You are only always showing me what I believe.  And it's not even personal.  The only one I've ever been loving or hating or fearing or fighting is God. 


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