Heaven's Peace

Heaven's Peace
by Laura S. Dudenbostel
Photo: Paul S. Olsen

Heaven's Peace

You who seemed to hurt me
And you I watched desert me
You are my Self

And you I took as lover,
And you I made my savior,
You are my Self

I roamed for eons
In a house of Mirrors
Looking for the exit
Pointing accusing fingers

You played your part for me  --
You with your many faces
Reflecting a crazy world
The one I chose to see

And Now I'm ready
 Oh so  ready
For Heaven's Peace

So tonight I finally thank You
Tonight I finally Bless You
You are my Self

Just like Christmas morning
I found your Gifts
Outside my door
You are my Self

I'm  tasting Freedom
Let's all Get Drunk on It
There's a Glass for all of us
And They never empty

If I  sober up
Will you, please, remind me
Of the Quiet Answer
The One that's Always Here

And I am Asking
I am ready
For Heaven's Peace


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