The Cherry On Top

A Course In Miracles teaches us not to try to change the world, but to change our mind about the world.  So Occupy Wall Street becomes Occupy The Right Mind.  Once you are in your Right Mind (the part that the Holy Spirit occupies) then whatever you do, including the act of doing nothing, will be the most loving thing for all involved.

What's more, you'll be the Teacher you always wanted to be of the learning that you always wanted to learn: True Peace.

Since the cause of the world is in our mind (the world being just "a projection of an inward condition"), when we change the cause (i.e. when we allow ourselves to step into our Right Mind and grab Jesus's hand...and just look at our experience and the images of people, situations, and things that we have been interpreting through the ego), we heal our mind.  That means the effects (i.e. how we feel in the moment about the situation and all the images we have forgiven) change, too. 

What it doesn't mean, however, is that the effects change according to our script and our timeline.

In other words, we forgive the jerk on the freeway -- truly forgive him, and our self, for the judgment we put on him.  We "get" that he is showing us a denied aspect of the ego -- that he didn't cause our upset, that he just triggered a memory of something already in us.  We do it perfectly...we even thank him!  But maybe he keeps holding his middle finger out at us.

Wait, isn't the effect supposed to change?  Shouldn't he be flashing me a Peace sign now instead of the not-very-nice bird?  Dammit!  Heal, won't you?! 

Me:  Jesus, wth?

Jesus:  You rang, my lovely?

Me:  What's up with me feeling totally connected to you - loving my brother on the freeway (who is driving recklessly in a very attacking way, btw) -- and realizing it's all a dream and I made it all up, and loving him tremendously for showing me what I need to see so I can let it go...and knowing this guy is my Savior (ironically) and getting how much I really love him for that...........and then he keeps being a jerk!!

Jesus: Right.  Totally forgave, him, huh?

Me:  Well, er...I did...I think so. Yes!


Me: No.

Jesus:  Right.  This trips everyone up now and again.  It's the  whole time-and-free-will thing.  You know how I wait around, very patiently -- sometimes for days, weeks, months (and years, let's be honest) -- before you decide to join with me and get my 2 cents, so you can free your mind and be in everlasting peace?

Me: Well, yeah, that sounds familiar...

Jesus:  Well, that ability to decide when you are going to accept The Lesson of Forgiveness and free yourself is the same one everyone has.  There's really no other "free" will.  So that jerk gets to decide to come around to the gift you offered when he's damn well ready.  Maybe tomorrow...maybe next lifetime.  I will be waiting for him with your Gift in hand as soon as he gives the word!

Me: But doesn't that sorta take the steam out of the "miracles" part of A Course in Miracles?  I mean, doesn't it seem like false advertising just a tad?  Who the heck reads this damn blue book and tries to understand it for 20 years just so that all the effort they put into Forgiving will be rewarded next lifetime?!

Jesus:  Ah, but you are stuck in the world of duality.  Remember, there's only One here.  You extend that Love to the jerk in the mirror, so you can receive it for yourself right now, pronto, no delay!!  

Me: But the finger!!  I want the finger to go away! 

Jesus:  What's up with a finger?  Only the meaning you give it.

Me: Oh.

Jesus and I have had many conversations like this.  He's quick to remind me that there is no attack unless I decide so.  If I decide so, then it would be a great thing to quickly remember that I am the only one who can attack myself, and then to quietly Choose Again.  That just means, I get that there is another way to look....I can see his finger as a call for love.  A fearful call for love that is terribly afraid that it won't be answered, or that if it does get answered, it will come with a heavy handed punishment. 

It's my own call.  I need to remember again to Choose Again to receive the Love that I want so that I can truly see through the dream.

What is beautiful though -- a bit of mind-blowing Grace on wheels -- is when the finger changes into the Peace sign.  Not because you "willed" it into being with your magical Forgiveness abilities.  But because cause and effect matched up in your experience. 

This is what I call "The cherry on top."  It's humbling.  It's awesome.  It's not something you did that you get to feel proud of.  But it is something you opened to.  Your letting go of your needing to be right or victimized or attacked in some way was the act that allowed the Holy Spirit to enter your relationship (yes, you and the crazy driver have a special relationship) and make it holy.  You accepted that, you felt Peace, your brother received the gift, too, and in this case, the effects on the movie dream screen changed. 

It tastes so good.  It's the deliciousness that inspired the song, Amazing Grace. You were lost and now you are found.

But you don't always get to see with your body's eyes some effect.  So don't count on your body's eyes! Over and over, we're told that our body can't see anyway.  Use your Right Mind to tell you what's going on Truly.  Use your feeling of Peace.  Use your knowing that "all is well" and that there can't possibly be anything that Trust won't solve.

Trust your brother to turn his finger into a bear hug...he must at some point, you know?  In time.  And then trust that there is no Time...not really....and experience that hug right Now.


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