What if....

What if a light switch in you were flicked on, and suddenly you saw "you" staring back at you in everyone/everything you met?

(If all is One then this must be True.)

What if the only reason you don't have that experience NOW is that you are holding on to a belief that something was created that was not All Good?

(Even though you have read, studied, believed, and practiced that Only the Truth Is True, a little part in you resists accepting what must Be....temporarily.)

What if you decided one day (or now) -- "Enough is enough!" -- and you knew you needed to own your experience of "not love" and this led you to accepting responsibility without judgment for all the images you think you think (or see, or remember)?

("The course does not aim at teaching you love for that is beyond what can be taught. It does aim at removing the blocks to Love's presence." ACIM)

What if you took a fresh view of your vain imaginings -- the deaths, the Hitlers, the sickness, the insecurity, the poverty, the greed, the competition, the manipulation -- and they began to morph, to Lighten, as you sat with them as their author?  What if just Sitting with them made them fade?

("Forgiveness is still and quietly does nothing." It's safe...go ahead. Be gentle, but ruthless.)

What if all your allegiance switched --  propelled by Trust that came as you proved your Power to yourself through the fading of the darkness by Your Simple Looking without judgement -- from the-world-rules/separation/sin to "Only Love is real"?

(Love cannot compromise. We keep our scary stories and lose ourselves in them, or we let them all go and join the Real World.)

What if the LOVE -- after melting everything down unto Itself -- stood there All Welcoming, Loving, Perfect, Sinless, and Blissfully Free?

(The Love You Are must Love You, too!)

What if now only the Happy Story resonated in you with unshakable certainty no matter where you were or what you were doing?

("The Peace of God is all I want." )

What if, in that resonating with the Happy Story -- even when Love seemed to peek at You through worldly stories for a while longer -- you realized that a world of Peace and Joy is in your mind and that You are Peace and Joy in your mind, too?

(You are in the Happy Dream where Love gives everything, including you, the only meaning that it has.)

What if seeing Your Self in Everything and Knowing Unwavering Peace for the first time, Joy were to burst out of you like spontaneous peals of child-like laughter?

Welcome Home.


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