9-11 An Invitation to Stop All Seeking

The story of 9-11 is seemingly epic in its time-bound effects and implications. I sit here and see how a Higher Purpose has shown me in the often grotesque mirror of that seeming day what is in my mind.  In technicolor detail, I have seen how seemingly vicious it will get to "defend" itself  -- which is how it always writes the script -- and how far it will push me, the Chooser, down the Rabbit Hole to No Where.  It's just a silly circle where I chase my tail another long seeming while until I  stop and say "there must be a better way."

This story of 9-11 and whatever stream of thought it takes us down -- whether it seems to reinforce a story of patriotism and "us vs them/terrorists" or whether it seems to reinforce a story of conspiratorial evil and "us vs. them/fascists, military industrial complex gone awry, cabal, grey men, bilderbergers, fill-in-your-favorite-name-here) -- matters not for all tributaries lead us in the same circle.  The "story" keeps us allied with fear/separation at some level and mesmerizes awareness so that it is trapped in the non-existent past and non-existent future.

I hear you say, "Yes, but we are here and we need to deal with the world and not deny our experience."   That is what I have heard myself say.  As we've discussed here, the ego's always got a big 'but.'

Ok, sure, we should not deny what is in our present experience. The dream comes up into our awareness, but then have you noticed it goes away?  The day happened 10 years ago, but how much life has it had in you since then?

It is in our clinging to these thoughts, searching for more of their relatives, looking forward to their return to prove ourselves right, and identifying with them, that it all becomes a "problem." 

In this moment, are you being faced with a terrorist at your door? I doubt it or you wouldn't be reading this blog.  But how many terrorists or fascists or inept, crooked politicians etc. are living rich lives of victim/victimizer, attack/defense, right/wrong, in your thoughts?

Our problem with anything in the dream is really the ego's ingenious solution to keeping us individual us's.  Without identification and clinging, the story has no meaning to us. Without any stories that we identify with, we are just like forms that Some Thing passes through.  Dreams of doing and saying and making and cooking and working and raising etc. just happen through us and we don't feel right or wrong about it.  We just notice.

Big collective stories are so alluring, so seductive, so hypnotic.  They surface in all our media repeatedly, and they draw us to them like we are the cobra and they are the snake charmer. Over and over, they send us off on another round of separation reinforcement:

US: Let's investigate the data (past story and all its seeming details) again "out there" so we can try to find the answers "out there" so we can fix it "out there" so we can protect ourselves from being attacked again "out there"/in the body.  What's more, let's find the perpetrators (place blame on someone) "out there" and, thus, validate our own innocence in relationship to "out there."

The underlined part is the real gold watch that we're going for here.
If 9-11 isn't charging you up and sending you on, at least, an intellectual/emotional mission in your recliner, what about the global financial crisis?  And if neither of these triggers you, check Google News and find something that does. Or call your mother.  Or just listen to the inner narrative going on in your head right now. Or open your favorite spiritual teacher's latest Hay House book and then listen to your thoughts.

I am sitting with the idea that all stories lead at some level to a subtle seeking, which is really a twisted way to validate our individual innocence in relationship to the guilty dream.  Feeling this right now is very freeing. And so laughable!

Seeking must be a veil over Truth because it is a declaration of missing-ness. There goes the ego propaganda again -- the puppet shaking its fist at God and saying "I am me. I am separate from You."

Today a Healing Principle for lack of a better term Wants all the seeking to quietly stop. It wants Rest for there is no one here that can seek or find.  There is no one here to be missing anything.

Even my beloved ACIM sends me on a journey of seeking, this time with the promise of finding. But that is only because it has been talking to me as an ego, undoing my old fairy tales with one that has been "reverse engineered" to lead me to knowing there was no distance to travel and nothing to find. It knew I could not hear it when it told me the Truth. It actually reminded me repeatedly I was in kindergarten, but I forgot.  I wanted to forget.

Perspective is the only thing that changes.  So who/what is changing my perspective?

That no "One" is perhaps the only thing to be known, but can It be known by me until I stop searching for it?  I'm grasping for the aroma in the wine and feeling sorry that it keeps disappearing as I drink it.


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