A song

Sweet Amazing Grace Song   (*fixed the link* Click the title link for an MP3... nice and raw right off my digital recorder...no editing here! :) )

When I give my needs to You,
You give me Every Thing.
Where I thought You'd ask for sacrifice,
Only Riches do I see.

When I give my Trust to You,
You give my Life to me.
And where I feared that I would fail You,
You show me I can fly.

Hide and seek but do not find,
I've played this game too long.
I once was lost, but now I'm found
Your Sweet Amazing Grace pours through this song....

When I take down the walls,
Your Light comes streaming in.
And where I feared you'd reject me,
You pour me Holy Wine instead.

How could I try to hide from You?
It's a mystery to me.
For now I know Your Smile's my own
When I'm flowing naturally....

When I knock on Your Door
You invite me In.
And when I take Your Outstretched Hand
I know not where I end ...and You begin.

Your Sweet Amazing Grace.....
Sweet Amazing Grace.....


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