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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mooji speaks on Relationships as we Undo our Ego

I thought this was a beautiful summary of what seems to happen as we undo our old attachments and how our existing relationships can be uncomfortable to others, and confusing to us, as we shift. The Course In Miracles cautions that we not abandon our relationships as we make this turn, for they are simply being set right, and it feels awkward for a while when the old (ego) purpose for them is not working anymore.

"Don't make demonstrations of your spirituality....Out of your Quietness you see you don't need any preparations to meet any human being. It will be fresh. Trust yourself." -- Mooji


  1. cool not cold excellent !

  2. I've seen the video before, but your opening paragraph was just what I needed. Thank you x

  3. always excellent and enlightening life lessons! noted. MSC


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