The Collapsing of Time

A more esoteric idea that A Course In Miracles teaches is that our Forgiveness is actually collapsing time.  If that seems like it's gotta be a bad thing, read on.

First, remember, we're talking about the Real Deal Forgiveness, the kind where you are Forgiving all the stuff that isn't really happening. All you are actually doing -- the mechanics of this type of Forgiving -- is Looking at any attack that seems to happen "out there" or in your mind with the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is not so mysterious or religion-bound as you probably imagine.  First "Holy Spirit" is really just a word (two words actually) and a word is just a symbol that you give a bunch of meaning to, right? In programming lingo, it's like a pointer.  So if you would prefer to call the Holy Spirit "Fred" that could work quite nicely, too, and I'm sure that the Holy Spirit would not mind a bit.

Holy Spirit/Fred is that part of your Mind that is Quiet and Still. It's the part that Knows for you, because you are still asleep and have temporarily forgotten. It knows Who You Are and how You have always been innocent, safe, loved, perfect...and it knows You are already Home.

The Holy Spirit also knows you are responsible for your dreaming experience, because the projections -- or what you seem to be experiencing in your dream -- are coming from within your mind.  Your mind is the Cause and your experience is the Effect. Just like in our night time dreams.

Your dreams are a wish-fulfillment fantasy.  And the crazy thing is that you have a secret wish to be mistreated, because you have a mistaken belief that you separated from God...and that makes you feel pretty darn crappy. This is too deep in your unconscious for you to be aware of, however. Just like how the content of your night time dreams seems to come from nowhere your life is coming from your wanting. "But," I hear you saying, "I am a gentle soul and I do not believe I truly wish to kill my neighbor with a butcher knife or be eaten by a wild, two-headed boar!"  I'm sure you are a very nice person. I'm not judging you/me.  I'm just saying, that's the garbage of the ego. It's in there, or you/I wouldn't be here. It's driving us in circles until we wake up.

Maybe you feel pretty good most of the time even.  That's cool.  But if you notice, you still have accidents or "problems" or you get sick, or people you love have accidents, or "problems" or get old and sick.. and then eventually you and they die.  So there's this guilt playing out in all these little death rehearsals until your body does "the big one" and then you start all over in a new so-called life.

So really, Forgiveness is about looking at the Cause of the world/you/your life instead of looking at the effects. Your part in this Miracle Project is really, really small actually.  In fact, it's so small that the ego gets pretty offended, because the ego thinks it really should have a bigger role.  I have noticed that so much in my ego had me believing there was something I needed to do during this Forgiveness process.  "Okay," I would hear in my mind, "I'm seeing that cut me off on the freeway this morning as Perfect....Yes, I am...I'm seeing that jerk face that almost bashed into my bumper as he was going 95 in a 65 zone and I'm seeing him as Perfect. I really am seeing how Innocent he is even though he almost killed me.  Yes. I really want freakin' Peace right now before I go to the next meeting from hell of the day!"

Umm. I was trying to Forgive.  You probably can see it doesn't work that way....

Just Looking seems so darn hard sometimes.  The truth is we're still listening to the ego  even while we are trying to Forgive.  For a long time, even while we're trying to invite our Holy Buddy in, the ego wants to stay in charge, so there's a push-pull tug-of-war going on in our mind.  My advice is that if it seems hard -- or you just don't feel the love -- don't. Just relax ...maybe go watch a movie, or as one of my Dear Friends and I joke, go make a salad in the kitchen.

Then maybe a few days later you'll notice you are Quiet again.  Then you might want to Look with Him.  Remind yourself that "you need do nothing." The Holy Spirit is doing all the heavy lifting here, not you!  He just needs your Allowing.

He's like the Sunrise in your Mind that erases the night and dissipates the mists...*poof* they are gone, quietly and gently.  That asshole was your self-hatred being reflected to you so you could let it go.  You might even find yourself chuckling now, which is way better than trying hard. There's no drama in a quiet chuckle-session.

But how do I find Him, the elusive Holy Buddy/Fred? You may be frustrated like I was for a long time, thinking/moaning that unless there is a burning bush in your face (and secretly saying "dammit, why did Moses get a bush and I didn't?") you couldn't be really sure you were, indeed, with your Holy Buddy. You probably mock yourself some.."what in the heck do I think I'm doing?" Try to avoid agonizing yourself like I did for so long.  Just know He is already with you...whether you feel Him or not. He's been sitting in there waiting Patiently, Quietly.  His Presence doesn't really come with a lot of fanfare, like Cecil B. Demille's Holy Spirit does.

You might discover Him if you haven't already, and He's just sitting on the couch next to you with his goofy Smile.  There you are indulging in a guilty pleasure, and as you eat your Cheetos you notice that he is there Loving You and telling you how cool your fingers look in that neon orange color. You thought you were alone. You were wrong.  He's been with you all along.

So once you've found Your Friend, life suddenly has a Purpose. Man, is that not a great surprise, because you've been waiting for your Purpose to reveal itself to you for years! You've been to so many workshops hoping to find it there -- you even paid for graduate school, but nothing felt right or seemed to totally click. But now you have it!  Your Purpose is to Forgive and to hang with your Holy Buddy in your mind.

The more you hang out together, the better things get...and the more Peace you start to experience. The Holy Buddy will reinterpret all the experiences you have -- because you still go to work, parent your kids, clean the house, have fun with friends, etc. But whereas before the ego was in charge, now you are letting your Holy Buddy be your mentor instead.  So it's like everything is new and different.  As the angel says to Nicolas Cage in the movie Family Man, "You are working on a New Deal now, Baby."

Before you would yell at your kids and feel bad, or you'd get a big fat unexpected electric bill in the mail and feel bad.  The ego would be right there at your side to tell you what a bad parent you are -- or what rotten kids you have -- or what a terrible mess of the country the Republicrats or the Democlicans have made. (i.e. the ego would reinforce your guilt and keep you fixed on the world as the source of your problems.)

But now your Holy Buddy -- when you are ready for a second Opinion -- will help you just look at the thoughts in your mind without any kind of judgment at all.  He'll actually kind of laugh maybe in that infectious way that makes you laugh, too.  But only if you are ready not to take yourself so seriously anymore.  He's really good at knowing where you are in your Trust process...if you are serious, he will be serious with you, too.  Maybe He will just point out in a way that you find deliciously inviting, that it might just be possible and okay to be just a teensy bit more Gentle with yourself.  Just a smidge.  And you might even try taking off your coarse hair shirt and putting down your baseball bat you've been hammering yourself and others with. And you might even notice how you suddenly feel just a bit better.

What's happening here is that you are making a deposit in your Trust Bank Account.  You don't know it yet, but after all kinds of little, simple deposits over however many years, your Trust Bank Account is going to get so big you are going to be Independently Wealthy and Free For Life.  You are going to be living in Total Abundance.  The waves are going to part whenever you (as part of the One Will) need to cross a sea. But you don't know that yet.

There's another thing you don't know.  You are actually collapsing Time.  I know that probably sounds like a bad thing, but just try to suspend judgment for a minute.  Also, the ego probably just said "roll the tape!" and now you have horrific scenes from 2012 playing in your head.  Try to turn those off for a minute.  The ego hates it when you think about these things, so it tries to scare you, distract your attention, embarrass you, etc.  This defensive reaction should be your clue that you are on the right track. In truth, only the ego's days are going to be over. You are Eternal.  The ego is just a whiney drama queen.

Now that your life has Purpose, everything is a classroom. If everything is a classroom, and if you are a very good student, then you are going to accelerate your learning.  Your Trust Account is getting big, your lessons are getting are feeling more Peace.  Once in a while, you learn a lesson well -- you really, truly get it, and will never be surprised by that same one again.  You have passed the final exam for that semester -- you don't need all the lessons in the cue that basically teach you the very same thing, because you have undone yourself in that area so thoroughly you've nailed it! You could teach that lesson now. 

So Holy Spirit collects up all the lessons "out there in the future," and tosses them away.  *Poof* Done.  Good job.

You have no idea what the effects are of your Forgiveness.  You have no idea you are Healing everyone as you Heal yourself.  You have no idea that you are saving yourself from eons/lifetimes of suffering by Forgiving Now.  You have no idea, and it really doesn't matter. But it's True.

And you can't do it wrong.


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