I'm having one of those times... so I have been spending a lot of time mentally just watching thoughts and asking the Holy Spirit to help me learn and forgive (i.e. deny what is not real...the world is not happening to me, it is happening because of a secret wish founded on fear, etc).   "I need do nothing" has been my mantra, as in "well, there you go...this would be a good time to practice what you blogged about, huh self?"  Ok, I have a point!

So I'm driving my kids to the beach and feel an inner prompt to make a turn I hadn't intended. I make the turn and sit at a stop light.  There's a building on the corner with a billboard.  I get to stare at it for the duration of a red light, and had there not been traffic behind me, I might have made it TWO red lights: 

"Joy is having Trust in God."

Indeed.  We can't "fix" it...we have to sit in it, watch the hate/fear/frustration/sadness/boredom etc etc etc that it seems to provoke, and let the Holy Spirit use it to undo us.  And that takes Trust.


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