Thank you, Friend.

You are my Path.
Without You, how could I ever find my Self in this dream?

When I see that I judge you, You show me how I crucify my Self.
When I see that I have believed you judge me, You gently show me the insanity of fearing my Father.
When I step out of Stillness and try to "teach" you something, You only quietly laugh
and remind me "i" know no-thing.


When I look at You with gentle, eager eyes
like I have been wandering for many lifetimes in a desert alone
and I have never met a Friend before You --

Or like I am uncontainable Mother Joy
holding a sleeping newborn baby for the first time
-- I must be so warm and Still for You --
Your Light pierces my darkness and my fences crumble.
I am blissfully unleashed into You.

How can I extend my gratitude to You?
I could kiss Your feet a thousand times,
Or write You a hundred poems.

You are to me what I made of my Self.
Nothing more, nothing less.
Through Your eyes, made Loving
first, by my Wanting
then, by all my honest Looking

I find my portal Home.


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