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A Christmas Message from The Brothers

We wish to take you back into a memory of the mother
–the Mother Mary–
and the deepness of her love for her baby, the Christ.

In that birth, the love of Father for the Son is reestablished
in your memory where it could be heard even within the dream.

The Son was perfect. The Son brought Light to the whole world.

His Mother gave all of herself to this Son.
That was a holy mother/son relationship
which continues to bless the whole world.

Its ripples extend throughout all space, throughout all time
Bringing a gentle call to Awaken,
as well as bringing the song of heaven and the Father’s love for his creation,
to all ears that will hear, to all hearts that will open, to all innocence that will be seen again,
to every Master who will walk on water.

The star that lit the way of the wise men, lights your way.
There is no groping around in darkness.
There is a gentle path to lead you to this Christ,
to this heavenly love between the Mother, Father and the perfect Son.
The Son who is loved b…