A Course In Miracles says, "All are called, but few choose to listen." This resistance shows up many ways. When I feel stuck or bored, one of the things I'm learning to ask myself, "Is there a prompt I'm ignoring?"

What's a prompt? A prompt is like a stepping stone Home. It can sometimes appear as a invitation to "do" (open a book, call someone, go to a place, do a project) but it's always leading to an undoing.

We get them all kinds of ways. Someone says something that resonates deeply. We have a dream that sticks with us. We run into a friend and conversation turns into an impromptu plan. "Opportunity" gives our door a knock. We have a thought that seems to come from outside our mind, etc. Whatever form it takes, we feel a connection to it.

Usually I get a thought that seems to fly in from some outside Source. Sometimes it comes after I've consciously asked a question; often it seems to come randomly. It doesn't feel like it is part of a connected thread of thought. I don't know how it will work out, or where it is leading.

I still have fear around prompts. It took a long time to start this blog, for instance, because I ignored the prompt. Following prompts takes trust. Since their content is healing, they are naturally met with resistance. The ego will ignore, repress, and judge them. If that doesn't work, it will terrify with images about the future horror that will occur if we follow them.

It's taken experience to learn discernment between an ego thought and a prompt. The key I've learned is to always Ask and then wait and Listen. If I'm still not sure if my ego made it up, I notice whether I have any hidden motives around it. If I am really attached or opposed to the idea, I have learned to be careful. I release motives and attachments and negative charges and wait to see if the prompt returns. Often it disappears. Even so, the release was useful.

If the prompt feels scary or "too big" or urgent, those are earmarks of the ego. The ego loves to terrorize us and make us think that Healing is going to require very hard, difficult things of us (i.e. sacrifice) if we begin to listen and follow.

Not true. Stepping stones are by nature gentle when we accept them (but there can be fear until we trust).

Given enough time, the ego almost inevitably gives the prompt "meaning" along the way. It's always wrong, because it can't make sense of Truth. The steps we take are leading us to something more wonderful than the ego can ever know, since it was made to deny it. A humorous and humbling experience is to follow a prompt and think you know "why" or what it is leading to, only to find out that it was not that at all. The Real Why is always a shift in our own mind.

And it's ok if we get it "wrong" or miss prompts or consciously, even defiantly ignore them. Waking up is a journey, and we've all got the Holy Spirit Magellan on our side. He's very patient and never loses sight of the goal. We can pick His Hand up anytime we realize we've dropped it again, and simply start right back where we left off. We can not do this wrong!

I'm learning I don't know what anything means, or where the steps are leading. I only know that I'm being Led, and that there is great Joy in knowing only this.


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