Mooji talks about waking up

A Course in Miracles says that while there can never be a universal theology, there must be a universal experience. In other words, ACIM is like a structure of thinking to undo thinking and false identification. But there are many paths to the same experience.

Here is a teacher, known simply as Mooji, who uses different words to point people in the same direction inward. I didn't know about this teacher until today when a friend sent it to me. However, I had just put a photo of Sri Ramana Maharshi on my desktop...the same photo that is the upper right corner, and the guru that was Mooji's teacher's (papaji) teacher.

The synchronicity does not seem important other than as yet another pointer to the nature of the dream within the mind. The mind that wants to awaken.

Enjoy Mooji's description of dreaming...


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