Mirror, Mirror

"A human being is part of the whole, called by us the 'Universe' - a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest - a kind of optical delusion of consciousness."
Albert Einstein
The Mind is seemingly separated into all of us "individuals." Each of us believe we exist in a body and that we have private minds from everyone else. In actuality, as Einstein alluded, there is only One of us here. The One mind is split -- part is awake (the Christ/Holy Spirit), and part is asleep (ego) and is dreaming a dream of separation.

Within the dream, each of us carry both the Christ mind and the ego. Within our delusional walled-off existence, our thoughts are like messengers that we send out to the projection to bring us back "proof" of what we believe. The world we think we see is, therefore, a mirror. We actually give the world all the meaning it has for us. Since most of us reside in ego most of the time, the projection reflects all of our attack thoughts and self doubt. This shows up in our daily lives as Problems. The forms vary -- relationship troubles or sickness or war or poverty or hang nails or depression or lack of self-worth, etc. -- but the content is always based on guilt and fear. We react to it, become afraid and angry at it, and most laughably, we try to change it...and all the while it is simply representing our thoughts back to us.

A Course In Miracles, like Buddhism, is a mind training discipline to help us unwind ourselves out of the illusion of fear/guilt/attack. In the beginning, we are like fish trying to identify water. The ego's "reality" seems very real and serious to us. The Course has us start where we are. Everything that triggers us "out there" is used for a new healing purpose. Whereas before, we used it to keep us right (and stuck), we begin to realize that there is nothing that can take our peace away from us, because there is nothing outside our own mind.

Acceleration happens when we finally start to see that we are choosing the ego because we want to be separate. Once we can see this choice we're making (cause) and the suffering and pain it always leads to (effect), we are free to make a new choice. When we're hooked by something "out there," we stop blaming the world. We realize we've chosen it at some level, and we ask the awakened part of our mind to help us see things a different way. When we offer up that willingness, a correction of thought occurs. Knot by knot, we are being gently unraveled from the tangled mess the ego calls "reality."

Eventually we find that all we once valued in the world is empty...and that all we really want now is Peace. We let the Holy Spirit choose for us, because we know that is the way. We spend more time out of ego and knowing that Perfect Love is the only Truth. When we slip into old patterns, we feel the difference acutely and quickly allow our minds to be healed.

Gradually, the mirror is polished....and the projection begins to witness as a gentle reflection of Love.


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