The matrix of illusion

My conviction in my practice of A Course in Miracles has not occurred quickly.  While I immediately resonated in a way I could not explain to an "authority" in the words in the book, I did not believe it.

I wanted more peace, however, and with that choice, I have been led over the years by some invisible "force" to many sources and experiences that would teach me to open my mind. 

Many ACIM students, myself included, have learned much about our spirituality by understanding more about what scientists are discovering about the quantum world. The Course teaches that all our problems are "perceptual" ones.  In the quantum world, we see how that might be true from a scientific perspective.

While it seems like I am sitting on a couch, typing on a laptop, using fingers on a body, the fact is that science has found out there is no fixed matter.  At the quantum level, physicists are finding that there are potentials, vs. fixed matter.  There are relationships -- which are also at the core of A Course in Miracles -- between the observer and the observed.

It becomes easier to open to ACIM principles such as "there is no world" and "All minds are connected" and "everything is thought" and "when you heal yourself you heal the world" and "situations are relationships" when we consider the quantum world where the act of perceiving affects what is being perceived.  

Enjoy this 10-minute video which offers a lay-person's introduction to the implications of quantum-based scientific theories around the holographic nature of consciousness and the connection between the consciousness and our experience of matter. (PS: Watch with discernment...I don't agree with all the statements, but I think it's still valuable as an invitation to open the mind.)


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