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"Where are you?" by Tom Carpenter

Tom Carpenter has been one of many helpful teachers to me.  Tom has an ability to hear Jesus who talks to him in his mind and answers all his and his wife Linda's questions.  Their dialogue from 1989-1992 became a book,Dialogue On Awakening.

Tom, A Course in Miracles teacher, recently shared this article on Facebook that is a beautiful discussion about awaking from the dream.  Find more resources from Tom and Linda

WHERE ARE YOU? by Tom Carpenter

Understanding all the implications of what is meant by Jesus telling us that this world is a “dream,” a story we are telling about who we think we are, is most times hard to fathom.  He tells us that the world is not “real,” that it exists only in our imagination.  If this is true, if we are not “in” our story, if we are not “in” the body playing its role “in” the story, where are we?  Can we even find the answer to this question in the awareness of who is telling the story?

For most who are seeking th…

My story of opening to The Brothers, an Inner Teacher

A Course In Miracles teaches, we do not know our own best interests.  When we finally give up teaching ourselves and begin to make decisions with the Holy Spirit, it is not uncommon for major shifts in our lives to occur. It is not always easy in the beginning, and we can find ourselves disoriented without knowing how things will turn out. Our perception is being turned upside down, so some amount of fear is almost always part of the experience.

About a year and a half ago, I had an experience that I would never have chosen.  I can see now that it changed the seeming trajectory of my life and deepened my relationship to my spiritual path. 

I needed support for an issue I was working on, so I reached out to a hypnotherapist colleague who had become a close friend.  During what we both assumed would be a routine hypnotherapy session, I was put in contact with my guides or inner teachers.  This is a common hypnotherapy technique to help a person access their inner subconscious wisdom.

The matrix of illusion

My conviction in my practice of A Course in Miracles has not occurred quickly.  While I immediately resonated in a way I could not explain to an "authority" in the words in the book, I did not believe it.

I wanted more peace, however, and with that choice, I have been led over the years by some invisible "force" to many sources and experiences that would teach me to open my mind. 

Many ACIM students, myself included, have learned much about our spirituality by understanding more about what scientists are discovering about the quantum world. The Course teaches that all our problems are "perceptual" ones.  In the quantum world, we see how that might be true from a scientific perspective.

While it seems like I am sitting on a couch, typing on a laptop, using fingers on a body, the fact is that science has found out there is no fixed matter.  At the quantum level, physicists are finding that there are potentials, vs. fixed matter.  There are relationships

Mooji talks about waking up

A Course in Miracles says that while there can never be a universal theology, there must be a universal experience. In other words, ACIM is like a structure of thinking to undo thinking and false identification. But there are many paths to the same experience.

Here is a teacher, known simply as Mooji, who uses different words to point people in the same direction inward. I didn't know about this teacher until today when a friend sent it to me. However, I had just put a photo of Sri Ramana Maharshi on my desktop...the same photo that is the upper right corner, and the guru that was Mooji's teacher's (papaji) teacher.

The synchronicity does not seem important other than as yet another pointer to the nature of the dream within the mind. The mind that wants to awaken.

Enjoy Mooji's description of dreaming...

The Hero of the Dream

I had an "aha" today as I was contemplating a relationship which has been rich as a classroom in Forgiveness. I had to stop to think about why I still had less-than-perfect peace, despite all the releasing I had done to-date. When I contemplated more deeply my values in the situation, I saw there was still an egoic motive involved.

"Laura" wanted something out of the situation and her Forgive-ee. Peace of mind was not enough for her. She wanted visibility, she wanted acceptance and approval, she wanted an outcome, she wanted a bouquet of pleasant events/encounters in her script. If forgiving was a big ice cream sundae, she wanted the cherry on top.

Sometimes I think that the path is so difficult because it asks so little of us. The Truth in the Holy Instant needs nothing but our non-interference.  But in this situation, the miracle was only desired half-heartedly, and so the healing was limited.  I saw how Laura was being very sly about the secret desires.  P…


A Course In Miracles says, "All are called, but few choose to listen." This resistance shows up many ways. When I feel stuck or bored, one of the things I'm learning to ask myself, "Is there a prompt I'm ignoring?"

What's a prompt? A prompt is like a stepping stone Home. It can sometimes appear as a invitation to "do" (open a book, call someone, go to a place, do a project) but it's always leading to an undoing.

We get them all kinds of ways. Someone says something that resonates deeply. We have a dream that sticks with us. We run into a friend and conversation turns into an impromptu plan. "Opportunity" gives our door a knock. We have a thought that seems to come from outside our mind, etc. Whatever form it takes, we feel a connection to it.

Usually I get a thought that seems to fly in from some outside Source. Sometimes it comes after I've consciously asked a question; often it seems to come randomly. It does…

REAL-ize, don't ANAL-ize.

The ego is a terrible student. In fact, it is a complete, closed thought system that allows for no True learning or communication. It can allow nothing Real in. Its precarious existence is preserved in the dark shadows by keeping out the Light.

Ironically, the ego is also always our "study buddy" when we begin our spiritual lessons. As a superb shape-shifter, it's more than happy to step in with its white robe and lectern and be our teacher. It often tells us we are "quick studies" and leads us to believe we have mastered things easily. Or it tells us we are incompetent learners because we are not "getting it" quicker.

Most of our early time spent in spiritual practice is spent "not getting it while thinking we are." But the important thing to know is that is absolutely ok. Think about it: How helpful would any spiritual discipline be if we needed to be healed (i.e. without ego) to use it?

A humbling part of the journey is real…

Mirror, Mirror

"A human being is part of the whole, called by us the 'Universe' - a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest - a kind of optical delusion of consciousness."
Albert Einstein The Mind is seemingly separated into all of us "individuals." Each of us believe we exist in a body and that we have private minds from everyone else. In actuality, as Einstein alluded, there is only One of us here. The One mind is split -- part is awake (the Christ/Holy Spirit), and part is asleep (ego) and is dreaming a dream of separation.

Within the dream, each of us carry both the Christ mind and the ego. Within our delusional walled-off existence, our thoughts are like messengers that we send out to the projection to bring us back "proof" of what we believe. The world we think we see is, therefore, a mirror. We actually give the world all the meaning it has for…