Guilt Free -- learning and lipstick

The Self (the awake Mind who we truly are as One) is always talking to us if we will listen. I call this the Holy Spirit, or my inner Teacher. He always knows the best way to get through to me, and sometimes it is very unconventional. I've learned the most amazing things from billboards, graffiti, children, the clouds, music, serendipitous phone calls, a page in a book, something on the internet, something a client says, things that come out of my mouth without me choosing them, etc.

I bet you've had similar experiences. I bet you've had an "aha!" when you least expected it that left you feeling lighter, more peaceful.

Yesterday, I felt it would be good to dedicate my time to study. I was just starting to listen to an hour-long audio file on my computer about watching our minds and releasing ego thoughts. As the speaker really started to get into things, I had the thought, "I need to buy some lipstick..I'm out of lipstick!"

I started to search on eBay while I was still listening to the audio file. I was "multi-tasking." What I was really doing, I realized, was giving in to mind wandering....a typical ego device for keeping us in guilt and fear.

I stopped what I was doing and asked my Teacher -- "Should I keep searching for lipstick?" I heard a surprising, "Yes."

Was I clear in my hearing? Really? I watched a mini stage play take shape in my mind. First Guilt made an appearance, shaking his stern fist as he lectured -- "You should know better, you are in resistance, there is no world, and furthermore, you have no lips!" Next I watched its partner, Self Doubt, slither in and begin to whimper. "Could you have really heard the Holy Spirit correctly? You must have made an error. You must be listening to the ego dressed up as the Holy never learn!"

Next, I did what has taken me a long time to do without my thumbs in a vice. I made a new Choice. I kicked Guilt and Self Doubt off the stage and I brought in Trust. Trust ignored the past and kept listening to the audio file and searching on eBay for lipstick.

Only a moment or two later, I found it! The perfect shade! And guess what the name was.....


I'm not kidding you. That was the name. It was $12 with free shipping and I used Buy It Now with joy. I'm buying guiltlessness in all its forms from now on.

The Holy Spirit only wants our willingness. The Holy Spirit uses all that we think we are and have made to teach us one thing: our innocence. And that's the Truth...pfffffttt! :)


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