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Guilt Free -- learning and lipstick

The Self (the awake Mind who we truly are as One) is always talking to us if we will listen. I call this the Holy Spirit, or my inner Teacher. He always knows the best way to get through to me, and sometimes it is very unconventional. I've learned the most amazing things from billboards, graffiti, children, the clouds, music, serendipitous phone calls, a page in a book, something on the internet, something a client says, things that come out of my mouth without me choosing them, etc.

I bet you've had similar experiences. I bet you've had an "aha!" when you least expected it that left you feeling lighter, more peaceful.

Yesterday, I felt it would be good to dedicate my time to study. I was just starting to listen to an hour-long audio file on my computer about watching our minds and releasing ego thoughts. As the speaker really started to get into things, I had the thought, "I need to buy some lipstick..I'm out of lipstick!"

I started to s…

A beginning. . .

I remember when I found A Course In Miracles...or when it found me, which is the experience many ACIM students have. I was 21 when my grandma sent me a copy of my own, and I was so excited. Finally, I'd know the secret (this was 20 years before the famous movie of same name) to life. I'd know how to create miracles for! I'd be a good, spiritual person. I would contribute something positive to the world. God would approve of me. I'd have a manual to live by, and my confusion and anxiety would finally clear. Ultimately, all the Good Stuff would be mine.

Deeper than that, my raw, honest, 21-year-old thoughts would have been something like, "Finally I'll be able to lose weight and fix my relationship (or find a better one), find the career of my dreams, be a famous writer, and have it all." Awakening from the dream of the world was the furthest thought in my mind. I wanted a better life in the world.

It didn't work out that way. The joke …