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Monday, July 24, 2017

Where is my wanting?

The masters tell us again and again that the Truth is so easy we miss it.  We miss who We Already Are, because we are wanting what we are not.

Today, can I be the reversal? Instead of sending my wanting out, can I gently look inward to see where my wanting is and call it Home?  Just the honest looking inward and seeing without judgment (True Forgiveness) is all that is needed.

Desire is splintered into fragments of wanting which play out in situations and relationships in our worlds. Beneath the obvious situation at hand, there are core desires: wanting approval/admiration from ourselves and others; wanting control of myself, my environment, and others; wanting my security, both emotionally and physically; and wanting a separate special status.

As we live our lives and find ourselves reacting or judging or feeling depressed or "off" in some way, we can pause and just welcome these feelings.  If we're sad or frustrated or angry etc., we can ask ourselves -- what is it that I'm wanting right now?  We can take a moment to feel it all fully without rationalizing it (being right), spiritualizing it (using our intellect to judge it as part of a spiritual framework), or pushing it away in some other fashion.

As we do, a funny thing happens -- we notice that we are not these feelings.

Something changeless like space exists prior to them.   I Am.  The feelings are objects that come and go. They float through awareness, which is the intimate sense of me-ness without any other parameters.  As awareness, we can welcome them fully, then let them go.

There are no bad or good thoughts or feelings.  There is simply energy that arises.  The mind will often try to analyse and find the "why" for them, but that's an old pattern that does not work to free us.  Instead, we can just fully welcome our "guests."  As we do, these energy forms can rest and dissolve.

Ultimately, the ego is a summation of this energy, but it is really all God, wanting to come Home or be released.  We come to find out we are the guru we've been looking for.  Realization is a do-it-yourself job, as Lester Levenson said.

Body identification (physical and psychological) is a strong, old habit, but that's all. As I practice welcoming all the images and feelings that arise, it weakens.  I can begin to watch this body like I watch other I am watching a dream or a movie.

From this neutrality, the Truth naturally shines.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Lester Levenson - The Freedom State

This morning, I'm struck with a great gratitude at how blessed we are that in this age we have so much access, via online media, to so many different messages -- and messengers -- that have been pointing us towards the Truth within. Those of us on the Path are never without inspiration and guidance.  When we cannot hear the Voice within, we can type a few keystrokes into Google and get ready access to many masters whose lives were used to extend the Truth.

I have found Lester Levenson to be an amazingly clear channel.  An engineer in New Jersey, Lester was sent home to die by his doctor in 1952 after a massive coronary. His misery led to a sudden single-mindedness in his search within for Truth, and in a very short time, he awakened to the true Self. His awakening led him to dedicate his life to serving others, and in his messages you can hear the same messages you'll find in A Course in Miracles and Advaita....the deepest non-dual principles are expressed in a very clear, simple way with gentle guidance (and strong urging!) on how to apply it to our lives.

Please enjoy this talk from 1984, which I think is a good introduction to his teaching. 

For more, you can check the link I've added to my blog under Helpful Links, which is a collection of Lester's talks dating from the mid-1960's and later.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Lean In....

What is upsetting you?  What is it that is not going "your" way?  What is disappointing you, threatening you, scaring you, angering you, boring you?

I can only write to my Self.  So, Self, let's look tenderly here.

If I want to find sore spots in this one, places "I" am holding a judgement for or against, it's not hard.  I can think about a conversation with a family member.  Or I can simply scan the Daily News headlines.  "That's outrageous! So cruel! How unfair! What are they thinking?!"...etc.

Okay, there it is...the little or not-so-little upset. The "I" is asserting is the hero (tragic or otherwise) in its own endless story.

For a moment, do not react. As the Course in Miracles says, "Let all things be exactly as they are."

Reaction comes from conditioning.  It's the software program of the ego. It's the madness expressing and it always leads to more madness. We think, therefore we are somebodies. Somebodies must take a position on the "out there" in order to maintain an illusory constancy of separate existence.  I exist -- different from That, different from you -- because I judge.

Instead, just for a moment, be Still.  Do nothing.  Watch.  And next...lean in.

Lean in?  Yes, get closer.  Quietly, the Heart comes has questions that the ego can not answer.

What is this all about? What meaning have I given this?  Where, in fact, is all of this occurring?  What is the big story that this situation only thinly veils? Is it true? Can I be absolutely sure it's true? Is the opposite as true?

I am always experiencing my own consciousness. That's where it all happens.  I am upset, therefore, about a story I am telling myself.  The story is always somehow at some level about me.  But it is all made up by mind.  It is just thoughts, and when you/I sleep, we forget them and they are gone.  It only has the validity we give it every moment.  The Course reminds us it is actually exhausting to have to reinforce these beliefs every day!   It is the "I" thought that is mixed with these beliefs.  They reinforce each other. The experiencer is hit with so-called evidence continually throughout the day that they -- and it --- are true.

 This story, Reader, is our favorite book we read for eons.  Until it's not.  Until we see all we've ever been is Awareness.  Non-judging Awareness.  Self.  Consciousness.  The rest was unstable arbitrary content and positions for/against said arbitrary content.

Working towards awakening implies the false self is real...which is why egos love spiritual journeys. There is no struggle in this...just let us be honest in our Looking.    We don't have to get to where and what we already Are.  That's what Ramana was telling us and still is.  

Lean in and laugh at the free now! :)

Sunday, July 16, 2017

William Samuel - The Mirror of Self

Excerpt from William Samuel's book The Awareness of Self-Discovery:

"Every teacher, book, writer, practitioner, sage, guru or peanut vendor, by whatever name, title or label he goes, is an aspect of the Awareness (Identity) 'we' are. We take the book from the shelf most likely to render a specific service at a given moment. Exactly so, we have appeared to go to the philosophy, teacher, church, friend, stranger or peanut vendor that has unfolded as sufficient for the moment— but that philosophy, teacher, church, friend or stranger is within the awareness we are. So is the peanut vendor. We are forever looking at our Self.

"Now, listen softly: Just as one goes to the cleanest mirror in the house, the one that is the least distorted and best illuminated, so we turn to that aspect of the SELF that tells it to us 'like it is,' without mental reservation, without the absence of Light, and for absolutely certain, without making something of ITSELF by belittling others. What is seen 'out there' is a mirrored Self-image, but only an IMAGE. The awareness that is the looking is the divine, pure and sinless Identity we are. To say this again: The image-form that appears at any given moment is only one of an infinite number of forms that may appear. The value is not in the image. (Nor is the power!) The value is forever in the AWARENESS -- 'you'— are who is the observing of the image.

"All that could be called Samuel or any other name is only an infinitesimal aspect of the Self's tangible declaration— and tangibility is only part of it. There is the intangible That 'which is above them all'— the Deific Self-hood which is being all there is to the external tangibility of 'form' or to the internal intangibility of imagery. All that is called the belief and dream of a material existence enters the scene upon the assumption of an identity that limits itself to the body-image. That one sees all other images as separate and apart from itself. That one calls himself the observer and is continually fighting a battle with his observed. In the sad comedy of proliferating complication that follows, observING (the awareness that resides as the center of it all) goes but barely noticed. However, observing awareness goes on being the Identity we are anyway, whether we are conscious of it or not, and all the trials and tribulations of the limited identity's experience serve to bring us to the consciousness of the greater Identity— the one that is real; the one that has never been guilty of ignorance or wrong doing or anything else!"

Friday, July 7, 2017

Chief Joseph's words on The Way of the Warrior and the Great Illusion

THE  Way of the Warrior is simple, my dear ones. However, it may be simple but it's not always easy. Today I would like to give you a few of my simple guidelines or "rules of the road", if you will. And that road is the Way of the Warrior.

The Warrior always speaks her truth – no matter what the circumstances.

The Warrior is totally detached from what others think and say about her. [This is absolutely necessary if she's going to observe the first rule above.]
The Warrior always does her best to see the Divinity in all that is. In this way, she shall never have any desire to own, control, manipulate, misuse or abuse any of the Great Spirit's creatures.

The Warrior always follows the highest path as dictated by the highest authority in the universe – herself.

The Warrior totally trusts in – and surrenders to – the flow of her life. She knows all is as it should be. Therefore, she must always completely trust in – and surrender to – her higher Self, her Soul, the Great Spirit.

The Warrior knows all Love, all Wisdom, all Power lie within her – within her mind, her body, her heart, her Soul. There is nothing to seek, nothing to find, nowhere to go – except WITHIN.

The Warrior knows with absolute certainty she has never made a mistake – she can never make a mistake. All of her life is simply a lesson in this classroom called planet Earth. She learns as she goes. All is as it should be.

The Warrior never takes life on planet Earth too seriously. It's all a game, after all – a game in the classroom of planet Earth. And games should be fun. Enjoy the game – it won't last forever!

The Warrior's heart is always full – and always grateful. She never knows lack or emptiness – except, that is, when she creates those illusions by getting too infatuated with the Great Illusion – the human experience.

The Warrior knows the Great Illusion creates some highly interesting challenges – for example, the challenge to rise above the Great Illusion.

As she rises above the Great Illusion, the Warrior knows this experience is as it should be – she has chosen it. And in this choosing, she is remembering her way back to the Light – back to her Home. That was the only reason for choosing the Great Illusion in the first place.

The Warrior knows all her brothers and sisters on planet Earth have the same destination she does – HOME. But each may take a different path. And the Warrior knows that's okay! All will get Home – no matter what path they take. It cannot be otherwise – for ALL paths lead Home.

The Warrior knows the way of the wind. She loves the wind, but she knows she cannot capture it – she cannot own it. She can love it, luxuriate in its presence, glory in its energy. But if she tries to capture it, it becomes something other than what it truly is – it becomes still and stagnant air.

She can never possess it completely – unless she refuses to ever own it – unless she refuses to ever have sovereignty over it. She can possess it only by letting it be free – by letting it be what it is.

It cannot be otherwise. The Way of the Warrior is the Way of the Wind.
Chief Joseph

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